Wednesday, 5 December 2012

From On the Road to the King's Road. How the world changed in the 50s, 60s and 70s - a pop culture history. . .

News Flash >>>

My new book BOOM! - A Baby Boomer Memoir, 1947-2022 is a free Amazon Kindle download Thursday Dec 6 - Friday Dec 7

>>> For the free download go to the url below and check that the Kindle price is marked as $0.00

This new Kindle version of BOOM! - as well as the timewarping 1947-2013 Timeline - has 125+ links to the best films, music, TV and documentaries explored in this social history of popular culture + 10 iconic images not available in the print version.

*Don't have a Kindle? Me too. No problemo: get a free Kindle For PC/Mac reader download at Kindle For PC or Kindle For Mac. Works great and as well as books like BOOM! which you can buy cheaply and instantly and then keep and read as you want there are lots of free books available at Amazon every day.

>>>This free offer will only be available Thursday Dec 6 + Friday Dec 7. The more people get the free download the higher I move up the Amazon book charts – so please pass this information on. 

Thanks - Ted P 

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