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The new updated version of Streetstyle is now available on instant digital download


Announces the launch of



"Street Style is my sartorial bible" -
Chloe Sevigny in The New York Times.

The YOUTH CLUB / PYMCA team is excited to announce the launch of Street Style by Ted Polhemus in digital eBook format for Amazon Kindle devices and Apple devices with the Kindle App.


Hanging out
- A street corner in Harlem, 1940.
- Notting Hill Gate, London 1958.
- Greenwich Village, New York, 1960.
- Outside the Ace Cafe, North Circular Road, London, 1962.
- Downtown, Kingston, Jamaica, 1963.
- Carnaby Street, London, 1964.
- The beach at La Jolla, California, 1966.
- The Haight-Ashbury District, San Francisco, 1967.
- World's End, the King's Road, London, 1976.
- A street party in the South Bronx, 1977.
- Brixton, South London, 1994.
- The back streets of Harajuku, Tokyo, 2000

Auspicious moments. The art of being at the right place at the right time. Just hanging around. Looking sharp. All dressed up and nowhere to go. Doing nothing in particular. Making history. Expanded and updated, this new edition of the book on the subject of streetstyle takes this vital, always exciting aspect of popular culture from its origins in the mid-20th century right into today's 21st century supermarket of style.

More than just a history of streetstyle, Ted Polhemus' now updated classic shows how what we wore always pin-pointed the spirit and essence of each era.

Since it's launch of 2010, Street Style has continued to make tracks as one of the most influential fashion books over the last decade. A one of a kind journey though the youth tribes and styles that paved the way for the fashion designs and nuances of the modern day.


A perfect Christmas gifts for any youth culture aficionado.

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